Welcome to John Julia, your premier US-based shopping platform for designer and luxury brands. With a selection of over 200 renowned names in fashion, beauty, and lifestyle, we offer unparalleled quality at exceptional prices. We take pride in delivering outstanding customer experiences and are dedicated to sustainable practices as a B-Corp. Every purchase supports our mission to contribute positively to the planet, enhancing your shopping experience with the luxury of responsibility.


At John Julia, we believe in making a positive impact on the environment with every purchase. As a Public Benefit Corporation (B-CORP), we are committed to incorporating our mission of aiding and safeguarding environmental restoration into our corporate framework.

Every order you place with us supports critical environmental projects. These projects are made possible through our partnership with Greenspark:

UN Project 9933: Offset 10kg of CO2 through improved cook stoves in Malawi.
Plastic Bank: Rescue 10 plastic bottles by turning plastic pollution into empowering income.
EarthLungs Mangrove Restoration Project: Plant 1 tree to restore mangrove ecosystems in Kenya.